Thursday, October 14, 2010

Roomie shower!

A few weeks ago, my roomies threw me my first bridal shower! They went to so much work to make it a success and I absolutely loved it!
Don't's sparkling pear juice
 The food was incredible:

I was blessed with lots of love and gifts, as you can see!
Now, I won't post pictures of all of the gifts, but I do have to talk about one. When I saw it, I told everyone that Chris would be so excited we got it! He wanted to register for it so badly, and I take advantage of any opportunity that he gets truly excited about anything wedding related. So, here's the gift:
And here's the use:
Can't tell what it is? It's laundry detergent! This was all his idea and I love it! He was seriously so excited to get it!

Thanks to all who came and supported us!


Rachael said...

I didn't realize how much your fiance wanted it! (I feel honored, hehehe!) Glad it worked out for you. It was a pleasure to see you. You will be a beautiful bride!

Megan said...

Kim did an awesome job on the food. It was fun to see everyone!

gretelisme said...

Note to Karen...Sash on Right shoulder. lol And you thought you knew. ;P LOL just kidding. :)