Friday, December 3, 2010

Y'all...I'm MARRIED!

Just letting you know I still exist. I'm impatiently waiting for the photographer to get our pics back to us of that crazy, chaotic, whirlwind day. Until then, I've stolen this pic from my cute sis-in-law's blog.

This is Chris's great family. You know the second I get those pics, you'll get a post overloaded with photos. Until then, I'm pretending to be Susie Homemaker while I do the whole job hunt thing. Can't wait to give you a rundown of the day!!!


Rachael said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! Congrats again!

Cam said...

Congrats Karen! You made a beautiful bride- your dress is gorgeous. I so wish I would've worn something more form fitting and different than what everyone else wears. Can I go back and do it again? I'll keep the same groom. :) Hope you're loving married life.

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